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Diagram of the Woodfuels Virginia Manufacturing Facility | Delia Kulukundis

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Woodfuels Virginia is located in Bumpass, VA. This facility processes small diameter virgin roundwood (logs, wood chips, and slash) into compressed wood pellets.

Pellets made of hardwood and softwood are intended to be burned for energy in small and large-scale boilers and are designed to flow evenly in the boiler.

Pellets made of pure softwood are intended to be used for animal bedding.  When water is added, they expand into a fine, soft texture. They are designed to generate very little dust.

Currently, the biggest market for pellets from Woodfuels Virginia is Lowes.

Woodfuels has recently signed a contract to ship pellets to Europe. US wood pellets will help meet the EU’s mandate that 20% of of energy consumption must come from renewable resources by 2020. According to Wood Resources International LLC, the US shipped approximately 600,000 tons of wood pellets to Europe in 2010.  Due to the mandate, this number is likely to increase in the future.

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