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molding strips Gaston and Wyatt abigail whalen


  • several different varieties of solid wood (no plywoods)


  • three flat edges, fourth edge cut into a unique profile that runs the length of the strip
  • clean woody scent
  • some corners/edges are a bit rough but the decorative profile is very smooth


  • these samples are small end pieces ranging from 6”- 18” however uncut strips are several feet long (8’-11’)
  • approx. 1” wide


Gaston + Wyatt cuts/makes their own custom die cuts to mill the decorative edge. To shape the exposed edge a moulding machine is used, the strip of wood, still square, is placed in the machine which mills the upper edge into a distinctive shape.


Moulding is used either purely decoratively (usually to add contrast through shadow to a flat wall) or as a way to smooth over transitions in wall material.

Company Details

Gaston + Wyatt | Charlottesville, VA

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