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Veneer Sheet Columbia Forest Products AJ Artemel


  • hardwood veneer
  • harvested from white oak and red oak logs


  • light color
  • strong grain
  • breaks easily
  • folds along grain but breaks when folded across grain
  • shiny!


  • cracked
  • 4’ x 8’
  • 1/16” thick


Veneers arrive at the Chatham plant from the supplier and are taken to a storage area.  As required by the client’s order, they are taken to a stacking area where they are sorted for the production process.


Veneers serve as the front and back face of plywood sheets. These had cracking, knots or other imperfections which caused them to be removed from the process.

Company Details

  • Columbia Forest Products | Chatham, VA
  • Plywood assembly plant
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