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Paper Waste Rock Tenn Sydnor Scholer


  • shredded trimmings and white paper from magazines, notebook paper and paper plates
  • comes as bales


  • fluffy + light
  • aggregates
  • mostly white with some color ink on it
  • average price of a bale is market dependent


  • shredded and baled
  • comes in large bales wrapped in wire that weigh about 1000 lbs


The bleached paper waste is purchased and pulped to make a cream colored paper for the gypsum wallboard, this eliminates the need to add bleach


The cream colored paperboard is the side that is meant to be painted with an interior finish.  By using bleached recovered fibers, Rock-Tenn eliminates bleaching from their pulping process.

Company Details

Rock-Tenn/7 Hills Paperboard Mill (Rock-Tenn + Lafarge) | Lynchburg, VA.  The factory has been making paper since 1929. The mill was established in the 1800s.

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