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wood flows, material research, infrastructure, sustainability, recycling, design build, forest products, paper plates, barn, systems, fabrication, woodworking, UVA Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia landscapeRock-Tenn                              wood systems model | S. Lee                          Red Brook Lumber

The discovery of freely available resources as a by-product of an advanced technological society offers designers the opportunity to explore innovative ideas, forms, and processes.  In addition to innovative exploration, these materials can act as a catalyst for social criticism.  This design studio project directs public attention to 21st century wood waste for its compelling appearance, as an element in a cyclic process, and as a most useful material for experimentation and full-scale fabrication.  The first two projects of the semester (5 weeks) were

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Woodfuels, VA | Wood Energy Pellets | Bumpass, VA | Photo by Kelly Reed

The studio wood process research began with a tour of Ace Waste Recycling in Chester Virginia.  Ace is a state of the art construction and demolition material recovery facility (MRF).  They processes C+D material- including wood and paper- from all over Virginia.  Owner Ken Mogul gave us a detailed tour of the facilities.   As a cinematic experience, the place was sublime:  large vehicles were creating

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wood flows  chart |  by Michael Levy Bajar

A close inspection of of Ace Recycling’s woodpile will reveal some sound pieces of wood among the unpromising wood pallet parts.  Yet the whole pile will be downcycled:  ground into a uniform chip consistency.  This fate is actually better than that of much “urban forest” material.  Great quantities of the urban forest

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wood flows, material research, fabrication, design build, woodworking, heart pine, butterfly key, table, UVA, Mountainside Senior Living, Crozet, Virginia, forest products, architecture, landscapeSalvaged Wood Construction | Mountainside Common Table | Ryan Ives + Delia Kulukundis

Salvage Networks

Faced with the need to salvage wood, the studio quickly established a few intersecting salvage networks.  Many of these developed from contacts with local UVA and architecture school alumni.

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